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List of Projects we done !

Restaurant Management System

It handles your day to day transaction in a Restaurant

Document Management System

Manage all your docs at one place for easy access etc

Water Supply Billing System-RIICO

Bill generations,Water Consumptions, Payment reports etc

Customer Relationship Management

With our CRM , never loose a customer.

Accounting Management System

Track your transactions,reminders and many more features

Helpdesk Management System

Generates and tracks complains

Electricity Management and Billing system

Integrated with Hand Held device.

Online Order System

Get online order straight to your Desktop

Tablet Order System

Android based app to make paper-less Environment

Attendance Management

Integrated with Bio-metric/Swipe card/RFID, get attendance

Membership Card System

Generate 250+ types of offers for your customers

Banquet Management

Enabled with digital diary, helps you manage dates efficiently

Insurance Claim File tracker-Maruti

Never loose an insurance payment.

Inventory Management

Featured with vendor management.Never go Out of stock

PG Room Management

Android based app to make paper-less Environment

GPS Tracking

Track your vehicles LIVE

Project Management

Handle all your project ata place

Staffing Management 2.3

Track potential candidates